Luxurious Lanolin Cold Process Soap *Pre-Order*

Luxurious Lanolin Cold Process Soap *Pre-Order*

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***Luxurious Lanolin Cold Process Soap***

Made for us by long time Truly Charis customer Carina Guillory at For God’s Glory Farm, this lanolin & goats milk soap is creamy with an amazing lather. It can be used for washing your body or your woolies!  

Ingredients include tallow from Thousand Hills Beef Farm (100% grass fed beef), milk from Carina's holistically raised herd of goats, saponified oils of olive, *coconut, and *castor, USP grade lanolin, and *sugar.* Denotes organic ingredients 

Bars weigh approximately 4.5 oz. Expected to ship in mid to late December.

Fragrance Descriptions:

Unscented - Pure, clean soap (no EO or FO added)

Lavender EO - Organic Bulgarian lavender essential oil, this light herbal floral will be sure to delight

Vanilla Fig FO - Delicious dark brown sugared figs, doused in sweet vanilla syrup.