Lanolin Free Wool Wash

Lanolin Free Wool Wash

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This is a wash formulated for your woolen cloth diaper items, that contains no added lanolin.  In 8oz bottles, or our *industrial sized* 16oz bottle. 

Scent descriptions can be found here.

Great for washing woolies prior to storage or sale! Leaves knits, upcycled and interlock woolies clean and fresh with a light scent (or no scent at all). Conditions the wool to make it feel softer, without leaving a coating of lanolin behind.  

Works well on other woolen or blend fabrics, such as wraps, carriers and even favorite stuffed animals.  (We've even used it to remove butter stains from a certain toddler's t-shirts.)

INSTRUCTIONS: Draw a tepid/warm bath for your knit wool or hand-wash wrap items, and add 1-2 tablespoons per gallon of water. Gently soak your items, then remove and rinse & lay to dry as usual.

This wash is low foaming/sudsing-- do not be fooled by minimal suds, it is working. Can also be used in the machine for any machine-safe textiles.

**ALWAYS Spot color test hand-dyed items prior to use. Product has not been reported to create bleeding in hand-dyed items, however all water tables are different, varying seasonally.**