Limited Edition Scented Wool Care

Limited Edition Scented Wool Care

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Enjoy your favorite Charis 'N Ewe wool care in your favorite limited edition scents! 

Check back frequently as the scent options will change from week to week. Orders received before Wednesday will be shipped within one week.

Scents Available Currently

Absinthe FO

Backcountry EO/FO

Berry Burst Natural FO

Black Raspberry Vanilla FO

Butt Naked FO

Cherry Amore Natural FO

Citrus Mint Natural FO

Coconut Spice FO

Creamsicle EO/FO

The Doctor FO

The Earl EO

Eucalyptus Mint FO

Fresh & Clean EO

Fresh Lemonade FO

Fresh Spring EO

Great Pumpkin FO

Hippie Mint EO

Karmic EO

Kiss Me All Over FO

Lavender Mint EO

Lavender Vanilla EO/FO

Lemongrass Green Tea FO

Lemongrass Mint FO

Lovespell FO

Orchard Walk FO

Patchouli Dream EO/FO

Peppermint Vanilla EO/FO

Perfect Man FO

Pink Sugar FO

Rain FO

Silk & Acai FO

Sugar Plum Fairy FO

Strawberry Lemonade FO

Strawberries & Cream FO

Sultry FO

Sweet Tea EO

Unicorn Sweat FO

Volcanic FO

Witches Britches FO

Woodstock EO

Scent descriptions are available HERE

CNE wool care products are available in Unscented and in our core scent line: Lavender EO, Happy EO, Mother Earth EO, Oatmeal Milk & Honey FO, and Truly FO at the links below. 

Lanolin Free Wool Wash

Lanolin Rich Wool Wash 

Solid Lanolin

Spray Lanolin

Lanolin Emulsifying Soap (Ebars)