Spray Lanolin

Spray Lanolin

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>>Due to COVID-19 related supply issues, the spray bottles for this product have been backordered. We are currently offerring a REFILL Spray Lanolin (same product without the spray device that has been backordered. Click HERE.<<

Got woolies! Get your lano on!  Pick your scent and your size, we'll do the rest. 

Scent descriptions can be found here.

Spritz this on your clean woolen baby diapering items (dry or wet) and gently work into the fiber, to keep them fresh and boost their repelling abilities. 

Our intended purpose is for use on wool diaper covers. Lanolin is what gives wool diaper covers their waterproofing, and urine neutralizing properties.

About Lanolin Production: Sheep need to be sheared to keep them comfortable in hot weather and to keep their coats from becoming a tangled mess. The sheared wool is processed to remove the lanolin (a natural wax on the sheep's fleece), which is further refined to become used in skin care, etc; Contrary to some claims, sheep are not killed or harmed to produce lanolin or wool.

THESE PRODUCTS ARE INTENDED FOR USE ON WOOL DIAPER COVERS AND NOT DIRECTLY APPLIED TO THE SKIN. Products are manufactured in a facility that also processes wheat, oats, tree nuts (coconut) and milk on shared equipment.